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I am so glad you visited us today!  It's about the people we share life with everyday.  We made it through January, and February is here! That means we are getting excited about our new Spring 2018 release of Senior Lifestyle Advantage Magazine!  We have updates coming soon! Let's warm up! Cozy up! Friends and family far and near.  Because February is here! ​It is the shortest month of the year.  It is the only month to have less than 30 days.  What? The ground hog says, 6 more weeks of winter? So let's make the best of it! We still have time to build a few more winter weather activities.  If you have been skiing, snowmobiling, or ice-fishing, we'd love to hear your story.  February is the month of love. I am blessed by my family, friends, and so many more people who reach out to us on a daily basis to let us come into your world.   What does Valentine's Day mean to you?  Are you celebrating the day with family, or friends? Give the gift of travel, dinner for two, movie tickets, something practical, and your time? Enter to win a Valentines Gift from us!  Send a quick note to us editor@seniorlifestyleadvantage.com

We love what we do at Senior Lifestyle Advantage. Life is a gift, I know we have all heard this phrase before.  On a personal note, I am holding close to the memories of my dad.  He recently passed away, I miss him so much, he was only 75 years young. I want to share this message with you. I hope you fulfill every dream in your heart, reach every goal you pursue, and each day be only the start of a bright and happy future.  If I can make a difference for you, then I am living my dream with you today.  "Do everything in love". 1 Corinthians 16:14 

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