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Dear Friends,
It's amazing to see the changes we have gone through during the past year.  We have met so many wonderful people in our local communities.  We have traveled through the small towns of Nebraska, Iowa, & South Dakota learning about your hopes and dreams, for future generations.  I am grateful for the journey.  Just look around every friend, and family member, teacher, mentor, physician, nurse, advocate, counselor, leader, pastor, too many people to mention have celebrate life with you and with us. 

I am a farmer's daughter, I moved from a quaint farm in Northwest Iowa to the green corn fields of Nebraska, where my husband and I have raised three beautiful children, every day I can work from my office with a fantastic view, and feel the hope and joy of reaching seniors, to help them feel exceptional, and empowered to keep living each day amazingly. Before starting our magazine, I worked in healthcare, my focus as a Certified Nursing Assistant was to serve the weak, heal, love, & give them hope. "It only takes one person to walk across the room, to make a difference".  Each one of us has a unique presence for serving each other.  I remember being about 5 years, old when I visited my great grandmother in a nursing home, she seemed so sad, and lonely, since then, I have picked up the vision to appreciate each moment, and be the light for someone else. 

 Senior Lifestyle Advantage Magazine is joy.  We are reaching more people than I could have ever imagined.  

We are celebrating 1 year anniversary in Oct. 2017, just in time, because our biggest magazine is coming Fall/Winter 2017.

We appreciate all of your letters, emails, phone calls, and hand shakes, to let us know we are reaching your community, through every issue, with the help of our sponsors. 

Be amazing today!
​Judith Stanton

Judith Stanton

Senior Lifestyle Advantage Magazine
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