Senior Lifestyle Advantage Magazinereaches families and readers across the Midwest! Our successful magazine is the result of building relationships, knowing our customers and subscribers.  It is estimated that American's ages 65+ and older will sustain growth to more than double from 46 million to 98 million over the next several years.  Seniors are working longer and make more decisions about their lifestyle, financial, health, & living better and longer than ever before.  Your success is our success and we hope to grow and make a difference in people's lives together. We make it easy to reach your target audience and reasonable pricing. We help you focus on your image. Our creative designers excel in print media and design creativity.  More people are exposed to your advertisement through each passing day.  Senior Lifestyle Advantage Magazine is Timeless!  We reach your customers and our readers on every issue.   WHAT OUR MAGAZINE HAS TO OFFER:

  • Home  Design *Your Best Self *Travel *Financial Resources *Food/Nutrition/Recipes *Fitness/Physical *Wellness
  • Resources for Senior Living *Estate Planning and more to help seniors life the next years of their life with fulfillment joy and expectation!