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June Blog
Travel Easy
​"5 Way To Organize" 

1. Travel Light 
2. Purchase a travel bag that is affordable & easy to place in overhead compartments on planes, buses, cars. 
3. Use multi-set organizers for misc. hygiene products, smaller clothing items.
4. Purchase a safety lock, ex. SWISS 
5. Keep smaller accessories in carry-on bags. 

Travel Essential for Men & Women
1. Comfortable clothing & accessories
flats, sunglasses, travel blanket, neck pillow.

2. Just because -umbrella, camera, eye drops

3. Passport, cash, credit cards, keys, wallet

4. Ladies, I highly recommend purchasing a leather hipster bag, something smaller to carry your most important accessories in.

5. Health essential - hand sanitizer, lip balm, kleenex, bottled water, facial wipes, hand lotion, gum