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Let your light shine for others to see.  Experience as many opportunities to grow your faith to live a fulfilled life.  I am so excited to travel this summer with my husband, to experience the joy of new surroundings, beautiful sunsets, and see how amazing people help each other in their communities across America.  

I recently visited San Diego and found so many good people helping each other.  We rode the trolley downtown San Diego many times, it is people behind the scenes who helped make our trip fun and relaxing.  I'm thankful for the engineers, waitresses, mechanics, managers, staff, hostesses, and everyone who helps to make travel easier and enjoyable.  Of course there are wait times, long lines, but isn't it worth the wait to experience these opportunities together. "When I wait you strengthen my heart" Psalm 27:14

​ For the sake of your soul, venture out. Soak in the sun, taste some new cuisines, walk under a palm tree, music, lights, and dance through life.